Monday, December 5, 2011

My year-end is up

Read all about it here. By the way, there's a button you can press to listen to music from my list while you're reading. It obviously doesn't work on dial-up (what does?) but if anyone wants to try it and tell me what it's like, that'd be cool.

Or, skip the words, and just check out the list:
1. Skull Defekts, Peer Amid (Thrill Jockey)
2. Psychic Paramount, II (Important)
3. David Kilgour, Left by Soft (Merge)
4. King Creosote and Jon Hopkins, Diamond Mine (Domino)
5. Dirtbombs, Party Store (In the Red)
6. Gem Club, Breakers (Hardly Art)
7. Mogwai, Hard Core Will Never Die But You Will (Sub Pop)
8. Sidi Toure, Sahel Folk (Thrill Jockey)
9. UV Race, Homo (In the Red)
10. Bonnie Prince Billy, Wolfroy Comes to Town (Drag City)
11. Veronica Falls, Veronica Falls (Slumberland)
12. Bats, Free All the Monsters (Flying Nun)
13. Sole and the Skyrider Band, Hello Cruel World (Fake Four)
14. Demdike Stare, Tryptych (Modern Love)
15. Get Help, The Good Green Earth (Midriff)
16. Arrica Rose and the Dot, Dot Dots, Let Alone Sea (PopRock)
17. Sam Phillips, Solid State (Littlebox)
18. Emperor X, Western Transport (Bar/None)
19. Ty Segall, Goodbye Bread (Drag City)
20. Bad Sports, Kings of the Weekend (Dirtnap)


francksauzee said...

Hey Jenny, I like that Youth Lagoon record. No, really!

jenniferpkelly said...

God, I had to check after I saw it in Best New Music to see whether it was really the album that I thought it was. I thought it was awful.

Anyway, to each his/her own.

jenniferpkelly said...

Daniel Levin Baker (from Dusted) liked the Youth Lagoon, too, Simon. Also that Pains of Being Pure at Heart. But also Mogwai.

Jean-Luc Garbo said...

"Last year was the first time ever that my Pazz & Jop list didn’t have a single album no one else picked. There are no secret pleasures in the age of Mediafire." - How sad. You probably expected this to happen eventually, right? Mediafire is taking away the secrets, but none of the delights, I hope. Anyway, this time of the year at Dusted is one of my most anticipated. You and everyone else - read Donnelly's list yesterday and loved it - really have some good lists.

jenniferpkelly said...

Hmmmm...I'm not sure it is sad. I mean everyone knows about Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, but it's probably good if one (or two or three) other person (people) votes for Skull Defekts. And anyway, it's not like you ever get credit for being early. One year, I was the only person who voted for Frightened Rabbit's Sing the Greys and the following year, they were enough of a buzz band that I couldn't get a review copy.

Tony Ska said...

Thanks for including Get Help, Jen. If you are in the neighborhood, we'll be having our final show in Brooklyn on Jan 6. The details are on our site. Thanks for the support, Jen!

jenniferpkelly said...

No problem, I love that record, and that's too bad if you're calling it quits.

My favorite thing I wrote all year was a profile of Get Help, which can be found here: