Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jeremy Messersmith

I’m not even sure who sent me Jeremy Messersmith’s The Reluctant Graveyard or how long it sat on my hard drive before I got around to listening to it…but it’s really really good.

Messersmith is a songwriter out of Minneapolis, leaning towards the Beatles-pop end of the spectrum, with little hints of the Zombies, Elliott Smith, Beach Boys, Jason Falkner. This is his third album, which he is offering on a “pay what you want” basis from his website.

It’s always hard to say what makes good singer songwriter better than a so-so one -- hooks, lyrical interest, personality,that kind of thing -- but whatever it is, he’s got it. I particularly like the second song on the album, which is called “Dillinger Eyes” and a rowdier song, later on the album, called “Violet”.

He’s just made a video for “Organ Donor” which is not bad either.

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