Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another running diary

So, things have slowed to a crawl in most ways, though I have gotten two “are you working Christmas week?” emails from corporate clients in the last 24 hours, so not entirely. Still the music stuff is just about moribund until 2010, so I have been dabbling in review CDs and mostly listening to whatever the hell appeals to me. Last night, while playing Trivial Pursuit with my son, we happened on The Veils’ “The Letter” and Sean was like, “Who is this? Can I have it?” So I burned it for him, and we listened to it on our very early drive to school.

I know really almost nothing about the Veils, except that their singer has a very dramatic, somehow-more-than-shoegaze-y kind of voice and that they use a lot of shiny, glossy, effect kinds of things to build shivery walls of guitar sound. Here’s a video of “The Letter.” If you like it, you might see if your mom could finagle a copy of Sun Gangs for you. It works sometimes, though not always.

And, while it was still barely light, I tromped off for my run, a very chilly one so that even with my hood pulled up, the iPod earplugs kept freezing and falling out of my ears. On the upside, it was long enough for another listen through the very excellent Yeti 4 compilation, all 28 tracks of it. (Thanks Michael!) I was intrigued by the comp because it had a track by Souled American, a band about which I know jack shit, except that it merited a long digression in Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem. And look here, I found a video by Souled American, though not of the song on the comp. This one is “In the Mud.” Don’t you love the internet?

Finally, as I was finishing my run and also buying Christmas dinner (hangar steak) and driving home, I listened again to The Mountain Goats We Shall All Be Healed, which I love really a lot more than the new one. The thing about Darnielle versus all the other clever songwriters (Stephin Merritt comes to mind) is that he really seems to care whether you hear him or not. There’s none of this ironic, posed detachment, and instead a kind of stridence and urgency which I would call sincere except that sincere has all kinds of zero-brained connotations and Darnielle is really, really smart. So, anyway, here’s a video of “Your Belgian Things” (there are some Shearwater folks playing back-up…whoo hoo!)

Stay warm!


cuddlefish said...

Hi Jenny!

What 2010 releases are you looking forward to? Just finished listening to the new Los Campesinos! album Romance Is Boring.


p.s. Stay warm? It's 74 degrees right now :)

Ian said...

How's the new LC! record? The advance songs have been pretty intriguing.

I definitely agree that We Shall All Be Healed is a lot better than the new one, but then again WSABH was #3 (I think) on my decade list. I suspect I may like The Life of the World to Come more than you do.

jenniferpkelly said...

To be honest, I haven't thought about it much, though I am really liking the new (posthumous) Jack Rose and I think I'll probably like Ted Leo's new one.

I have to go poke around on the upcoming lists and see now. I have no idea really.

I don't really know Los Campesinos, but people seem to like them. (Except for Steven Wells, I guess, RIP)

jenniferpkelly said...

I don't hate the new one, but I think the music (rather than the words) is better on We Shall All Be Healed. I do like that song where he breaks into someone's house.

jenniferpkelly said...

Okay, I just went to Metacritic and looked at January and it looks kind of blah. Offhand, I'd want to hear the new Spoon, Magnetic Fields and Yeasayer ...and hopefully a bunch of other stuff that neither they nor I are aware of yet.

I've got the new Citay and I think it'll be pretty good, too, forgot about that.