Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Star Trek fever

The third season of Star Trek (the original 1960s version) arrived at our house about a month ago unexpected and, more to the point, unassigned. I wrote about it anyway for PopMatters, because how else could I justify watching it? The review ran yesterday...Here's a bit

Star Trek: The Original Series – Series 3 RemasteredCast: William Shatner , Leonard Nimoy, DeForrest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols
(NBC, 20 Sep 1968-3 Jun 1969) Rated: N/A
US release date: 18 November 2008 (Paramount)
UK release date: Available as import

by Jennifer Kelly

Boldly going, going, gone

Everything I know about kitsch, I learned from Star Trek .

At age 10 or 11, I’d dash home from school every day to catch the show with babysitter Jane, a high school girl from across the street. Watching Star Trek with Jane was different from watching with my brother (who thought it was cool) or my parents (who thought it was beneath contempt). Jane showed me how funny the show was – from the clunky, over-the-top writing, to the absurdly unlifelike acting, to the terrible fate waiting for any minor character who beamed planet side. Have you ever watched Kirk and Bones fall down? First graders playing cowboys and Indians do it more realistically. And the costumes! Who knew that in the 23rd century women on every planet, in every galaxy, would be wearing mini-skirts? We laughed until the milk squirted out of our noses.



robp said...

Our house went through the whole Trek series last year, loved it. One thing that the family really enjoys is watching the obvious stunt doubles in every fight scene - it's like Shatner couldn't even throw his own punches. And if was on the Enterprise, I would not go down to any planet unless my name was in the opening credits.

jenniferpkelly said...

Yes, being the love interest is kinda risky, too...

We had fun watching this, and the new opening credits are really sharp looking, but I don't think I'd spend $100 on it.

Ian said...

I grew up on the Next Generation stuff, which was hokey in fairly dissimilar ways. I have a hard time watching any of them now (same with Star Wars, but the latter is Lucas' fault, with Trek I just prefer not to tarnish fond memories).