Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hah, we won!

Very excited about our new president...and also a little scared about all the things that will have to happen in order for him to be in actuality the great president that he seems to be in potential. I thought his acceptance speech was wonderful...did you see Jesse Jackson almost in tears?

I also, strangely enough, fell half asleep between Virginia and Florida and woke up feeling certain that there was a large, warm black dog sleeping right next to my leg, just like he used to. Of course, there wasn't. Paddy's been gone for going on seven months now. Still, it was very sweet feeling, one that stayed with me for the rest of the night and on into today. I miss him so much. Glad he came back to visit for whatever reason.

It seems sort of trivial to talk about music now, but trivial is what I do, so what the hell. here's a review of a new album by Hospital Ships, a band whose main songwriter leads the Minus Story and plays trumpet in Shearwater. It ran in Blurt yesterday.

Hospital Ships
Oh, Ramona

Hospital Ships takes its name from a Flaming Lips song, and its emotion-laden vocal flutter from the Wayne Coyne playbook. Yet there's an engaging home-made-ness and small scale to these tremulous songs, whose delicate melodies erupt into marching band flourishes of snare and brass. Where the Minus Story, songwriter Jordan Geiger's other project, tends to anchor dreamy bits of song in clanging guitar and drums, here the arrangements more whimsical and keyboard based, a bit of carnival organ careening through "Bitter Radio Single" and glockenspiel glinting amid "Baby for J."


"Bitter Radio Single"

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