Monday, July 28, 2008

Crap, I’m back already…

Fantastic time in Montreal last week, lots of good food, interesting video exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum, good runs up Mont Royal itself (just one hill but it’s a long one,) visits to the Biodome, the Botanical Gardens…and a huge, gorgeous outdoor food market called Jean Talon, really remarkable all the colors and smells, like Paris but more abundant…

We also managed to find the Shakespeare in the Park (way out of the center, BTW) and saw about half of the “Tempest” when it started to rain…apparently it was far worse down here, roads washed out, tornados in NH (!!), flooding etc. We had a couple of really nice days and a couple of on-and-off shower days but nothing to stop us having a pretty good time.

So I get back and I check all my outlets and apparently, no one published anything of mine while I was gone…so you may have missed me tapdancing around the fact that I had not much to say for a couple of days, but nothing else.

Meanwhile, today, PopMatters is starting its “Detours” series on strange records by mainstream bands. Today is “icons” which means really, really mainstream bands. Mine is The Who Sell Out.

Here’s a link to the whole series:

And a video of “I Can See for Miles”

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