Monday, June 30, 2008

Three punk/noise bands I've been thinking about lately

Nice was Bill's birthday, so we went out for a really, really nice dinner at a place up north that's set on a waterfall. It's been ages since we had the money to go out like that, and Sean had never been to this place.

Also a bit of a break from the running after the 5K...I only ran about six on Sunday, then went to Brattleboro for the afternoon for shopping and beer at the great, great McNeil's brewery.

Then the power went out, and we ate pizza in the dark, couldn't flush the toilet, etc. bummer...when it came back on I was in no mood to work, but had these three bands to write about for Philadelphia Weekly. Both No Age and Abe Vigoda are part of the scene that's grown up around The Smell in LA, sort of a noisy, pop-flecked, punk rock DIY thing. Titus Andronicus, not as good as the two others, is from Jersey.

Here are three videos:
No Age at SXSW...pretty sure this is "Sleeper Hold"

Abe Vigoda's "Bear Face"

Titus Andronicus "Landscape with Icarus"

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