Monday, May 28, 2012

New Burma...even louder than before

I've been listening to the new Mission of Burma album Unsound for a week or so, not really long enough to let it sink in, but enough to hear that it's rougher and more explosive than either of the post-reunion albums, and maybe more in-your-face than Vs.. It's also more irregularly structured I think, or possibly the structures are more complicated and harder to grasp right away. As I said, I need to listen to this more before I really get it.

Doesn't hurt that the lead-off track is named after my friend Michael's band. (Oh, I know, it's probably not. Probably working out housekeeping issues...) anyway, here it is.

"Dust Devil"

It's on Fire Records (not Matador this time) in July.

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Jean-Luc Garbo said...

I'm glad that you get to listen to it already! I wondered what they could keep doing on the new album so that's as encouraging a "warning" as ever. Vs is familiar to me so time to dig into The Sound The Speed The Light some more to prepare.