Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grammys, Valentine's Day, life

It occurs to me that this may be the only year, ever, that I can say that I've interviewed two of the biggest Grammy Award winners.

My piece on Adele from the late, great Venus.

My interview with Justin Vernon for PopMatters

I'm not planning on making a habit of this, and obviously, I have to get to people a long time before they even considered Grammy material if I want to talk to them (or a long time after, but that's another deal)...but still, kind of cool, yes?

Also, since it's that holiday with the hearts and the flowers, here's wishing everybody whatever variety of love they like best and also, maybe, some chocolate.

Kinda liking this new album by the Big Sleep, very slick, very pop, big whomping beats that are really fun to run to (am I wrong that Big Sleep used to be kind of a drone and nod band?)...and, as it happens, they have a song called "Valentine."

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