Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bottomless Pit...just the thing if you've been missing Silkworm

During its nearly 20 years as a going concern, Missoula-Seattle-Chicago's Silkworm could annihilate you with guitars or tickle you with self-lacerating humor. Smarter, more sardonic and indefinably different than the grunge it was often compared to, Silkworm's music was loud and sometimes basic but never, in any way, simple. Silkworm came to an end in 2005 when drummer Mike Dalquist was killed in a random, senseless accident that would test anyone's belief in an orderly universe. A mentally ill woman rammed the car in a suicide attempt; she survived, while Dalquist and two others were killed.

The world seemed a bleaker place without the clangor and smirk of Silkworm, so it's good news that Tim Midgett and Andy Cohen have formed a new musical outfit. It's called Bottomless Pit, and, in addition to the two Silkworm vets, it's got Chris Manfrin of Seam and Brian Orchard of .22. Their first album, Hammer of the Gods (how can you love the guitar as much as these guys and not harbor a fondness for Jimmy Page?) will come out November 6th on the new Comedy Minus One label (

Here's a taste, "The Cardinal Movements." It's the first cut off the new album, which I'm enjoying a whole bunch:

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